Tusk Automation has partnered with Liebherr to bring their moisture sensing technology to the Canadian market. Liebherr has decades of experience in the capacitive measuring technology sector. Our range comprises sensor systems to determine moisture, water content, coating thickness and surface weight. Below are some examples of industries this technology can excel in:

1. Measurement technology for fossil raw materials/petrochemistry
The Liebherr moisture measuring unit provides numerous benefits - optimal resource protection is only one of many. Determine, among other things, the moisture in lignite and peat or the water content in various oils, coolants and lubricants.

2. Measurement technology for mineral raw materials
Sands, aggregates, minerals and ores offer excellent properties for creating something new. The Liebherr moisture measuring unit provides numerous benefits - profit from our many years of experience.

3. Measurement technology for food and feed
Safe and reliable in situ moisture determination in food and feed production. Benefit from the increase in efficiency and quality for the daily needs of people and animals.

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