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Driving manufacturing innovation with custom automation and process solutions since 2014.

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Established in 2014, Tusk Automation has grown from its 2 founding partners to a team of 8 professionals, including technicians, journeyman electricians and programmers. Tusk automation brings considerable experience and knowledge from a wide range of industries from the mining industry, food processing, municipal water treatment systems or smelting processes, Tusk Automation is here for whatever your challenge. We use our wide range of information to create innovative and unique solutions. We work closely with our clients and partners and take on their challenges like they are our own. Our clients choose us because of our commitment to the solving the problem safely and with the best customer service available in our field. We love to solve your problems.

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Becci Bruynooghe

Founder, Red Seal Electrician, FSR B, VP Operations

James Jenkinson

Founder, President, Industrial Designer

Justin Wilms

Red Seal Electrician, Field Services Manager

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