The Problem

Our customer was bagging a very irregular product using a weigh scale automatic bagger. The density of the product was inconsistent resulting in about a third of bags being half full despite having the correct weight. Our customer used packaging with transparent panels and they felt that the half full bags reflected poorly on their brand. They solved this problem by discarding the partial bags and adding the product back into the bagger to be rebagged. This required an operator to manually inspect every bag.

Traditional volumetric fillers for dry goods are specialized, expensive, and difficult to find on the used market. They are not typically used on bagging lines.

Our Solution

Drawing on our experience from other bulk material handling industries, we miniaturized and redesigned a simple and rugged volumetric system that is able to accurately fill our customers packaging to the same level every time. It contains a modular dosing chamber which can be modified as the customer changes their packaging. Our solution increased their production from 1500 bags per day to 900 bags per hour and eliminated the need to inspect every bag. Tusk designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned this machine onto the client’s original bagger saving money and reducing down time.

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